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About Me

First off, I do not look like that in real life. For one, I do not have orange hair (though I wouldn’t be opposed to dyeing it?). I just thought it’d defeat the purpose of an anonymous name (Sundown Sessions) if I used a real picture of myself, right?

So, for the purpose of all things Medium: Hi, my name is Sundown Sessions and I have orange hair. My hair, eyes, t-shirt and background are in the colours of…

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Are we just dust floating around in space, living out an accidental existence? Or are we put on Earth for a reason?

If you’ve asked yourself questions along these lines, do not continue reading. I do not wish to exacerbate any pre-existing existential crisis with a personal identity crisis.

Oh, you’re still here? I was low-key hoping we could just avoid the question in the title and move on with life.

Jokes aside, this is a tricky question. It is a question that sparks even more questions than it does answers.

Is it even worth asking this question, if we…

There are now over 300,000 chatbots (on Facebook). 55 years ago, there was only 1.

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ELIZA: How do you do. Please tell me your problem.
YOU: I have trouble keeping my houseplants alive.
ELIZA: Your houseplants alive?
YOU: Yes, I forget to water them sometimes.
ELIZA: You are sure.
YOU: I am sure.
ELIZA: Do you know anyone else who is sure?
YOU: My plants are sure.
ELIZA: Why do you say your plants are sure?
YOU: Because they suffer the direct consequences of me not watering them.
ELIZA: Does that reason seem to explain anything else?

How do you do? Illustrated above is one example of a conversation I had with ELIZA. …

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It started as a challenge, initially. Have you ever wondered why the same few people do well in exams, leaving us averages clambering around Bs and Cs?

8 years ago, I did. I was the most average scorer in class and I had no idea how to get my grades from a B to an A, where these top scorers seem to comfortably sit at all the time.

8 years and a whole lot of experimenting and failing later (yes, my grades dropped to Cs and Fs during some of these experiments), I’d say I can answer the question, “How…

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Lena Dunham wisely said, “Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading.”

Right. So that’s the article. Want to read more books? Write to the calendar makers or governments to add an eighth day in the week for reading.

Just kidding. Unless… (If you actually do it and succeed, I as well as the entire reading community will forever be grateful. You’ll get a statue in your honour, and street names and books named after you.)

Sometimes reading can feel like walking on a treadmill that’s inclined upwards at a 45-degree…

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i see a candle wick that knows how to burn
dark blue wax
like the Mediterranean
bloom, flower, bloom
burn, flower, burn

hardened wax only makes you stronger
shoulders on which white petals crave to bloom and burn forever
but time makes a man’s life
and reminds him he is dispensable

molten snowflakes line the perimeter
threatening against the light blue canvas of the ocean candle
burn, flower, burn
mixtures mould together
into a light cloudy solution
blurring the lines between solid and water
boldly blue and white
delicately white and blue
so broken, so beautiful
burn, flower, burn
in the heat of the moment
a petal falls, last drip opening…

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A lot has happened in the month of May. As I’m listening to my May playlist on Spotify for the last time (before I erase all evidence of the playlist to make way for June), I thought it would be a good time to dedicate a post to the songs that accompanied me through May. May I? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

(Also, let’s just pretend I’m not in the extremely-unmotivated-to-write phase and this is the simplest topic I can bring myself to write about.)

First up, we have Campus by Vampire Weekend. This is where my Tik Tok semi-addiction shines. Albeit…

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You have so much potential, if only you’d work harder.


Every moment of your life you enter a new universe. (A line from The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.)


7 billion people in the world, all living a life as vivid and complex as your own. And you’ve met less than 0.01% of them.

Potential, possibilities and people. These words can be inspiring and all, but many times, they are just overwhelming.

Like the realisation that the universe is bigger than anything we can even begin to comprehend in our tiny, squishy brains.

(What do I do…

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When things don’t go according to planned, it’s okay. (She said, trying to convince herself.)

I was on a roll — for three consecutive days I had completed everything I set for myself. Every single thing on my to-do list was crossed out. The satisfaction was nice.

On the fourth day, I missed a couple of things. An unsettling feeling rooted itself in my stomach. If I could turn back time, I would. Just to complete those tasks.

Looking back, I find my initial reaction very funny. Have I become a productivity machine, programmed to finish every task I’m given?

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I’ve written little snippets of writing for years, in my little notes app in my phone. Some of them I’ve turned into what resembles poetry, and some of them remains little snippets of writing.

I imagine many of us do that. We’re all casual poets. Because the term ‘poet’ feels uncomfortable, like putting on a piece of clothing that’s not your size. The identity ‘poet’ doesn’t come in the shape of you. It comes in the shape of the famous, published writer, the university professor, the owner of the poetry account on Instagram that has almost 500k followers. …

Sundown Sessions

“I’m a legitimate writer,” she insists, as she spends 5 hours procrastinating to write.

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