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About Me

First off, I do not look like that in real life. For one, I do not have orange hair (though I wouldn’t be opposed to dyeing it?). I just thought it’d defeat the purpose of an anonymous name (Sundown Sessions) if I used a real picture of myself, right?

So, for the purpose of all things Medium: Hi, my name is Sundown Sessions and I have orange hair. My hair, eyes, t-shirt and background are in the colours of…

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Immigrant (ɪm.ɪ.ɡrənt) — noun: a person who has come to a different country in order to live there permanently.

If that’s the definition of an immigrant, then sure, I am an immigrant.

I’ve been living in a different country for around 13 years now. My home country, if you will, isn’t that far off. I’ve lived in a different country longer than I have in my home country.

Despite the geographical closeness, I’ve still struggled with reconciling the dual identities. My birth country was where I spent the early developmental parts of my life. …

On adaptation and self-perception throughout our lives

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You’ve been walking in those shoes just fine — in fact, you’ve been running, skipping, soaring, flying, almost. Then one day, for whatever reason, you find it harder to run. Or skip, or soar, or almost fly. You find yourself only being able to walk. Somedays you’re only able to crawl and other days you’d rather not move at all. Ah! It’s the shoes, you realise, with a start. It’s changed. It no longer fits so snugly around your feet.

Life can feel like a kick in the ass sometimes.

I started July thinking I’m going to do the best…

Buckle up, we’re going on a tour of ‘A Memory Called Empire’ and ‘A Desolation Called Peace’

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The Teixcalaan series is a full-course meal serving thought-provoking goodness and a whole lot of metaphors.

Comparing easy ‘first languages’

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My very first experience with telling computers what to do via the keyboard involved using HTML to create the very basic from of a webpage. It was black and white, included a picture of a cat, and had one or two links.

Then I gradually got introduced to Python, CSS and a (very) little bit of Javascript. They were great — don’t get me wrong, but I never felt like I understood programming. If you’ve had a similar experience, you’ll know what I mean.

This year, I started learning C through Harvard’s free, open course, CS50. It was the best…

I went through all my journal entries and collated everything I was grateful for

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

When I first started journaling, I always thought writing journal entries would be a one-off thing — write it and never speak of it again. Burn them, delete them, destroy them. After all, who wants to voluntarily induce cringe on themselves?

However, my view on that has shifted recently. Keeping your old journals is actually super important. It’s a collection of you. Not only can you use it to inspire yourself or increase your self-awareness, but you also automatically have access to a large amount of data about yourself.

I use the DayOne app to journal. From January to March…

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Music makes us feel seen.

I think that’s the most important thing an artist can do — to lend voice to those who cannot speak or who don’t have the words. In being seen, we feel less alone. In being seen, we are able to express ourselves and be more of who we truly are. As a result, we unlock something and that something makes us view the world a little differently. A little better.

I don’t know her, but Grace Gaustad might be changing my life. Her album, ‘BLKBX: Wht r u hiding’, is nothing but raw honesty and…

My first iteration of the 30-day challenge — let’s go

Photo by Kaspar Allenbach on Unsplash

This challenge is inspired by David Majister.

Andrew Garfield (aka Spiderman) once said, “I’ve realised that at the top of the mountain, there’s another mountain.”

This quote speaks to me a lot because goals are never the end-all-be-all. Once you hit your goal, there’s always a more ambitious goal to strive for. There are always more mountains to conquer.

This is why I’ve decided to do multiple iterations of the 30-Day Challenge, instead of one big one, starting with 15 submissions in 30 days. 15 is just enough to stretch myself without being too overwhelming or demanding. …

Sundown Sessions

How do you put the living into life?

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