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About Me

First off, I do not look like that in real life. For one, I do not have orange hair (though I wouldn’t be opposed to dyeing it?). I just thought it’d defeat the purpose of an anonymous name (Sundown Sessions) if I used a real picture of myself, right?

So, for the purpose of all things Medium: Hi, my name is Sundown Sessions and I have orange hair. My hair, eyes, t-shirt and background are in the colours of…

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“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”

This quote by Andy Rooney is one to keep in mind. What most people see are the start and the end. The pledge post and the results post. What most people don’t see is the journey, yet the journey is the whole point of the expedition. I guess we kind of take that for granted. Oftentimes, the journey can only be made sense of or better appreciated after we’ve reached the peak of the mountain.

At the beginning of July…

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Last week, my left calf started cramping in the middle of a one-hour walk. Surprised, because that normally didn’t happen, I decided to check my Health app to see how many steps I was averaging that week.

The results were abysmal. 100–300 steps a day, sometimes even less. No wonder my leg cramped during a 13,000-step walk.

So today, I’m going walking. Wow! Big revelation! Just kidding. But it’s something so simple yet so neglected — I haven’t done stuff for so long, in my opinion, that I’m beginning to lose touch with myself. I wrote an article about how…

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When the teacher introduced Rebekka, who had recently moved here from a place called The Depths Of Your Mind, wherever that place was, I was screwed. Utterly, completely, absolutely, screwed-to-the-ground screwed. But I didn’t know that yet. Not even when Rebekka was assigned the seat right next to mine. Hurray, I thought. A perfect opportunity to make a new friend.

Years later, when we were no longer tiny, annoying kids, but slightly larger, annoying teenagers, Rebekka and I still kept in touch. Quite frequently, I must say. I was convinced that I needed no other friend. …

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Do you have a favourite fictional character or characters? Think of them right now — who are they? If you pinned them to the wall and said, “Hand over your wallet and I’ll let you go.” How would they respond?

You’d probably be able to imagine a strong response from them. Maybe they feign fear at first, then pull an Uno-reverse-card and flips you around against the wall. Or maybe they laugh at your non-threat. Or maybe they do hand you over their wallet.

In all cases, you know how they might respond. How do you know that?

All of…

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Sit back and relax… until five days before your moving-out date. Don’t worry, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Speaking of, go get way too much cake to celebrate the beginning of the new.

Don’t buy anything you need, like a new kettle. Spend your money on cake and drinks.

Call family and friends to do all the work — I mean, to help you.

Take one day to clean everything, but when the day comes, spend the morning scrolling through Instagram and the afternoon scrolling through Amazon Prime.

Sit on the couch and wonder how you’ll get any packing…

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Immigrant (ɪm.ɪ.ɡrənt) — noun: a person who has come to a different country in order to live there permanently.

If that’s the definition of an immigrant, then sure, I am an immigrant.

I’ve been living in a different country for around 13 years now. My home country, if you will, isn’t that far off. I’ve lived in a different country longer than I have in my home country.

Despite the geographical closeness, I’ve still struggled with reconciling the dual identities. My birth country was where I spent the early developmental parts of my life. …

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You’ve been walking in those shoes just fine — in fact, you’ve been running, skipping, soaring, flying, almost. Then one day, for whatever reason, you find it harder to run. Or skip, or soar, or almost fly. You find yourself only being able to walk. Somedays you’re only able to crawl and other days you’d rather not move at all. Ah! It’s the shoes, you realise, with a start. It’s changed. It no longer fits so snugly around your feet.

Life can feel like a kick in the ass sometimes.

I started July thinking I’m going to do the best…

Sundown Sessions

How do you put the living into life?

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